Easter People

On Easter Day, things have moved on from the last blog in which we remembered the path of suffering which Jesus trod in his final days. The betrayal and denial by friends who just hours before had shared supper together, his arrest, rigged trial and execution at the hands of the state and religious leaders, a downward pathway of powerlessness, suffering and pain, which he met with love, arms open wide. On Easter Day everything changes, because Jesus is alive.

The resurrection shows and establishes once and for all that love is triumphant. God was never absent and has been there throughout. Though the darkness was very real, the light has not been extinguished, and never will be. The Easter message of hope is that not only can we survive the downward path and the pain in our lives, but that through the love and presence of God we rise up and grow from the tragedies and failures of our imperfection. This is the story of addiction recovery. This is the story of those who follow the way of Jesus. This is our story.

So, as Pope John Paul II said, “Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are Easter people and hallelujah is our song.” May the light of Christ, rising in glory banish all darkness from our hearts and minds.

4 thoughts on “Easter People

  1. Happy Easter Ollie! Thank you so much for these last two blogs. I pondered on what you wrote about Judas and about the other disciples. You made such good points and it’s so true that it’s so easy to pin all the blame on Judas and yet it is more complicated than that and no one is blameless except Him.
    Today is such a special light fulfilled day. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your reflections over these past few days.
    Hope you’ve had a good day, and hope you are all well. Thanks again x


    1. Thanks Sarah. It was misty and grey at the dawn service on the top of the castle keep in Newcastle on Easter Day but as you so beautifully said, it was a special light filled day. Thanks as ever for your constant encouragement. O x


  2. It’s like the two sides of the cross ,one representing the pain and the other The rising or resurrection…we are the easter people ,the resurrected and by God’s grace go us …one of the main reasons I still attend 12 step meetings is not so much to learn but to be reminded of that love and compassion ,so thank you my friend for once again reminding me of a love that transcends all human understanding …Happy Easter Ollie 🐣


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